When its time to face off against Captain Darkness, Stickman and his sister Jewel have to use the power of the dance orbs once more to save the Cartoon Universe! Can the newest member of the rhythm gang: Flying Samba (A.K.A. Jewel), and Phantom S save the Cartoon Universe and win back the universe they love most? Find out in the 1st part of the 2 part saga finale that'll leave you heartwarmed, and also on the edge of your seat!


Phantom S (Star)

Flying Samba (2nd Star)

The U.S.F.

Captain Darkness (Antagonist)


  • This is the most heartwarming episode in all of the stickman series for its action, and family loving!
  • There's a new member of the rhythm gang thats listed in the Cast list. You'll have to tune into the RP/Tune into the episode to find out who she is!
  • It is revealed that Captain Darkness never wanted to conquer the universe, but before Makuta's demise, Darkness' family was threatened.

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