Stickman has all the pieces of the Mirror of Zephos, and now Stickman, Jewel, and Skye must put the mirror back together. However, when formed, a new beauty is created, and a whole new adventure is born. What does this mysterious new universe hold for the U.S.F.? Find out in Stickman's Amazing Adventures premiere episode: A Universe Created!

Cast Edit

Stickman (Star)

Jewel (2nd Star)

Skye (3rd Star)

Des the Espeon (4th Star)

Royal Wedding Stickman (5th Star)

Blu (6th Star)

Nigel (Antagonist)

Trivia Edit

  • This is the premiere of Stickman's Amazing Adventures, and the finale of Stickman's New Adventures, marking this episode the first episode to be both a series finale, and a series premiere, all in one episode.
  • Many of the U.S.F. agents will be appearing in this episode, but the ones listed will have major roles.

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