Note: This episode is not part of the Nexusverse (Main Timeline), so none of this is canon.

When Stickman looks over his episodes and reviews, he finds a major big argument; "When are you going to divorce the 12 wives?!?!" And also... "This show stinks! It ruined my childhood." Now that the U.S.F. has "Left Him" (Not really, they're testing him to see if he can give in to the arguments and stuff), Betrayus and Nigel are now finding a way to take over both Pacopolis AND The Cartoon Universe! And only one hero can stop them; Stickman! But with depression in his system, it's up to the 4 ghosts (Pinky, Blinky, Inky and Clyde) to get Stickman on his feet and help him save the day!


Stickman (Star)

The 4 Ghosts (Pinky, Inky, Blinky and Clyde)

Betrayus (Antagonist)

Nigel (2nd Antagonist)


  • SPOILER: At the end, Stickman finally divorces his 12 wives, but keeping only two. (This is all your guys's answer to "When are you going to divorce the 12 wives" argument. Can you guys stop now?)
  • Since the Nexusverse Stickman (canon) never had 12 wives (He only had 1), this episode is considered non-canon due to this Stickman having many wives.
  • The U.S.F. really didn't actually leave him, they just wanted to see if Stickman can change, and indeed he does at the end of the episode.

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