The Ancient Toy Land is a sector in Stickman's ever-expanding world. It is considered to be the 13th sector. Stickman and Jewel venture here to get Jewel's Tennis Racket in The Tennis Racket of Ancient Past. They come here again to investigate a disturbance, and then officially come here on their times off to have some fun in the ever-sprouting carnival-like sections. Right now, there are 5 sections (Counting the Ancient Toy Land Forest as the 5th section) in Ancient Toy Land.

Trivia Edit

  • This sector is based off of Wario Land 4's Toy Block Tower. In fact, the Toy Block Tower is actually inside this huge amusement park! Yes, you heard me, amusement park! This leads me into...
  • All of the locations here at this sector are based off of each major members of the USF, including Stickman, Jewel, and Skye. Each have their own amusement park themed after themselves.
  • Stickman, and Jewel come here during the Lost Biography saga to get pieces to the Lost Biography. In Stickman's Amazing Adventures... Well, i'm getting a bit ahead of myself. We'll have to wait. For now, I can only tell you this: The Lost Biography's coming back...

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