The Shadowed One has killed almost all of the Stickmen from the alternate dimensions. Now, the last Stickman must ally with the spirit of Makuta Teridax to reboot the other Stickmen's timelines, and the Nexusverse Stickman, who is the Prime Stickman. But will they reboot the timelines before the Shadowed One finds them? Find out in "And Then, There Was Stickman".


Stickman (Mataverse)

Makuta Teridax's Spirit/Kanohi Kraahkan (Secondary Protagonist)

Stickman (Nexusverse/Prime) (Secondary Antagonist) (HE'S BACK!)

Stickman (Okotoverse)

Stickman (Nuiverse)

Stickman (Makutaverse)

Stickman (Melding Universe)

Stickman (Journey's End timeline)

Stickman (Unknown Timeline)

Stickster (Unknown Timeline)

The Shadowed One (Main Antagonist)

Rahi Beasts


Skrall Warriors

Rahkshi Warriors


  • Stickman (Nexusverse) is revived at the end of the episode, and he finishes up The Shadowed One himself.
  • This is the first time Makuta Teridax is a protagonist.
    • The only reason he helped was to get something in return, but it is currently unknow what is it.
  • It is revealed that the episode Journey's End took place in an alternate timeline.

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