In the Okotoverse, an evil being with the power of a Nexus Master is destroying the alternate dimensions' Stickman, and it is up to the Ohkamaverse, Makutaverse, Mataverse and Nuiverse Stickman to stop the new evil from destroying it all... But who is the evil being? Find out in "And then, there were none".



Stickman/Legendary Stickman (Nuiverse) (Main Protagonist)

Stickman/The Stick (Makutaverse)

Stickman/Toa Stickian (Mataverse)

Stickman/Sticklord (Ohkamaverse)


The Shadowed One (Main Antagonist)

Rahi Beasts

Stickman (Nexusverse) (Mentioned Only)

Makuta Teridax (Mentioned Only)


  • The Ohkamaverse Stickman joins the alternate Stickmen to stop the Shadowed One in this episode.
  • At first, the Evil Being was tought to be an old enemy of Stickman, he was suspected to be Makuta Teridax, but the rumors were proven false when it was revealed that he was the Shadowed One.

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