The time has come to take down Nega Stickbot Alpha! The biggest war ever has come to pass, and Stickman and the USF team up with their older and past members to take down Stickman's powerful foe! Will they prevail? Find out in Assault on NSA'S Castle!

Cast Edit

(Note: This is a LOOOONG cast list. To save the time of me typing, I am putting in "All of the USF" for some of the stuff.)

  • Stickman (Main Protagonist)
  • Jewel (Main Protagonist)
  • Skye (Main Protagonist)
  • Patch (Main Protagonist)
  • All of the USF (See note.)
  • Nega Stickbot Alpha (Main Antagonist)
  • Past Members
    • Blaze the Cat
    • Zon
    • Fix-it Felix
    • Wreck-it Ralph
  • Elements of Insanity
    • Brutalight Sparcake
    • Apple Pills
    • Fluttershout
    • Rarifruit
    • Rainbine
    • Pinkis Cupcake
  • The Equinox 6
    • Dimmed Star
    • Stone
    • Zalgy Cake/Zalgressa
    • Dull Sloth
    • Rottenbunch
    • Spiderlock

Trivia Edit

  • After a looong time of not being in the USF, some members of the USF finally come back to help the USF take down Nega Stickbot Alpha.
  • No, this does not mean Nega Stickbot Alpha is done for my series. No, this does not mean Nega Stickbot Alpha will not stop being the series's main villain. Yes, Nega Stickbot Alpha has a castle. No, this does not mean the Stickman series is ending. We got a lot of stuff to explain before the series itself ends. And that's gonna take a while. A. LONG. while.
  • There will be a special TF2 MVM event related to this episode soon. Tune in to the USF's Steam Group Page for more detail and when it's coming! Be prepared if you wanna join, We will be doing the infamous Ghost Town wave for this said event.

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