Brutalight Sparkcake is the leader of the Elements of Insanity. She causes chaos wherever she goes, and she sometimes acts on her previous personality. When Stickman came to the Elements of Insanity's world, She and the others attacked Stickman. Luckily, Stickman retaliated and made haste and escaped to the graveyard. Brutalight met Stickman in the graveyard, and started to attack Stickman. Stickman then quickly explained to Brutalight that he was trying to help the EoI take back their universe. Once he said that, she snapped back into reality, and realized what was going on (Just like the EoE.) She now helps Stickman defeat Queen Blackhole, and Stishoe, and many other villains. She also likes to study with Dimmed Star and Twilight Sparkle.

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