Flashbolt (Because Flashbolt is his inspiration), Osharina, Nicknamed Pokemon, Des (Formerly)
Ash's Oshawott, Marcus, Ash's Krookodile (Because He Attacked Him in storyboard only), Digimons (Except for Fang The Dracomon), Des The Espeon (Because He thinks She is a Rip off of Flashbolt)
Video Games, Music videos, Theme songs (Only if He produces Pokemon Parodies of other Tv Show).
Romance Interest
Locations Visited
Kanto (he was stalking Ash Ketchum's house in Episode 1 As a Oshawott), Johto (Also He was following the Footstep where Ash Ketchum is), Hoenn (He evolved into a Dewott in that region. also he was captured by his trainer), Sinnoh (when he was watching alongside his Trainer After Brock left Ash Ketchum), Unova (that region is his Home-region) Kalos (Main Home-Region of Flashbolt).

Caesar the Dewott  is an famous dewott who once Faces against Ash's Oshawott in his Competition. And he won the heart with His oshawott queen. Flashbolt once approached him and his queen when he and queen was taking his Trip to Kalos Region. Flashbolt Asked "I'm your biggest fan, I've inspired you by Wearing Red Bandanna."

He was Surprised when Flashbolt and Kirlia were in Same Gender Love, thus terrorizing him.

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