Captain Darkness is the leader of the nutorious Shadow Gang, an elite team of Dark Legacy members. He leads them with his mighty Iron Fist.


Captain Darkness was once a feared pirate. Until Makuta threatened him, so using the power of the Maelstrom, he transformed into a shadow-y like form, and the maelstrom swallowed him, his ship, and his crew whole. It turned out to be Stickman saving the Cartoon Universe as usual. Recently, Stickman finally found the Shadow Ship, but Stickman destroyed the lock that kept inside the Shadow Crew of Captain Darkness, thus awakening Captain Darkness and his crew of Stromlings

Physical AppearanceEdit

  • He has two scars in his left eye and a scar in his neck, they both seem to be purple
  • He holds a shadow-y like sword thats actually the Shadow Blade. It can turn anything it hits into a shadow or it can "freeze" anything, reducing that thing into the point of not existing, or hurts the physical form. Thus a big threat to Stickman.
  • He wears the "M" symbol in his chest, which means he is part of, or is somehow related to the Brotherhood of Makuta.
  • He's all shadow-y and purple-like, meaning that the maelstrom was never cleared after the Maelstrom wars, which could also explain why the Stromlings returned.
  • His sword is actually a Maelstrom Aegislash in attack form.


  • Apparently, he knew about Stickman even before he became evil.
  • He seems to be a little bit afraid of Scorpions, Spiders and Bats, which may be a reference to the CHI Scorpions, Spiders and Bats from LEGOLegends of Chima.
  • He was a member of the Brotherhood of Makuta and he served as a member of the elite force, he was recognized by Makuta to be the strongest of the Elite.
  • He seems to have a broken Katana, or Ninja sword, in his arm.
  • Before he became evil, he seemed to have a family; a Wife, a son and a daughter, and he seemed to care a lot about his family.
  • He was never evil, he was just corrupted by the power of Makuta's blood; The Maelstrom, and thus, he was transformed into the evil Captain Darkness.



He and Stickman are sworn enemies. Captain Darkness always wanted to get rid of Stickman. Now that he's taken over the Cartoon Universe, he can finally achieve that goal.


Apparently, he and Defero used to be "classmates" when they were younger, but later Darkness became a bully


Even the Dark Lord and Creator of Darnkess, Lord Makuta has recognized that Captain Darkness would be the "perfect soldier" if Makuta needed to kill Stickman

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