Captain hydreigon is an Pokemon Character who owns different ship, he's not in any Heroes or Villains Groups but he's  Neutral due to the fact that he has no Relationship with any pokemon or EFF agents but Flashbolt.

Flashbolt is The only known EFF Agent or Pokemon character that knows him Because Captain Hydreigon is Flashbolt's Idol and Main Inspiration. Most Ponies from MLP FiM doesn't know Captain Hydreigon due to the neutrality between him and Ponies, but Captain Hydreigon is popular with Pokemon Because his Neutral side was well known by Other Pokemon Characters with exception being: Kirlia and Smugleaf (Which they Viewed Him as illegal Piracy Character, and they disliked him Until Flashbolt Convinces Kirlia and Smugleaf to Like Him as well, and they began to like him.) 

a Director bunnelby Approached him and asking him if Captain Hydreigon Could starred in a movie that involves pirates. But Hydregion Said Yes. 

File:Captain hydreigon!.png

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