When children start disappearing around Canterlot, Stickman, Jewel, and Blu must find a way to see whats going on. But thats not going to be easy when their own children is disappearing as well! Can Stickman, Jewel, and Blu find and discover whats going on? Find out in this all new creepy saga and episode: Children of the Night!


Stickman (Star)

Jewel (2nd Star)

Blu (3rd Star)

Unknown Villain (To be revealed in June, when the saga and the episode releases/gets RP'd.)


  • This is the third saga where the theme song is different. However, this is the first saga that the theme song is played throughout the saga.
  • This is by far the creepiest saga. No doubt about it.
    • However, according to the producers and directors of the series, "The scariest is yet to come", and they later said that they had big plans for October 2014, hinting that, perphaps they are planning to make a new saga in Halloween.

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