The Clay Busters is the 7th Art Weapon, and is based off of Garnet's Gauntlets from Steven Universe. The Clay Busters is Stickman's 3rd most commonly used weapon (The 1st being the Imagination Blade and the 2nd being the Glue Shooter.). The Clay Busters used to be brown with a slot for the Master Power Gem, but with the upgrade to Legendary, The Clay Busters are now Gold-Plated with silver lining. On the back of the Clay Busters lies 2 gems, which are essential for both activating the Rocket Punch move, and activating the Clay Buster Titan.


Rocket Punch - Allows Stickman to punch an enemy really hard, launching the enemy into oblivion.

Raging Punch - Allows Stickman to power up the Clay Busters for more damage, more moves, and more knockback. Can stack with Rocket Punch for total destruction.

Master Ability: Clay Buster Titan - As a master abliity, this move allows Stickman to summon a huge titan and take control of it whenever he pleases. Based off of the Giant Battles from the Mario and Luigi RPG games.

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