A group of Makutas discover a portal that leads them to planet Earth, in the Milky Way galaxy, where they discover an unknown element, a great and powerful one, that can give them the energy needed to rebuild Makuta himself, and rule the entire universe! Now it is up to Jewel and her pals to stop them from obtaining this unknwon element. But will they be able to stop the most dangerous species without their leader?


Jewel (Protagonist)

Blu (Protagonist)

Smg4 (Secondary Protagonist)

Dogkid (Secondary Protagonist)



Stickman (Mentioned only, Jewel's flashback)

Makuta Antroz (Main Antagonist)

Makuta Chirox

Makuta Vamprah

Makuta Mutran

Makuta Teridax/Makuta/Makuta-Nui (Mentioned only, Jewel's flashback)


  • It is unknown if this is foreshadowing Sickman's return, Makuta's return... or both.
  • Jewel and pals accidentally encounter humans, but the humans think the heroes are just people wearing costumes due to the fact they crash-landed at the New York Comic-Con.
  • The four Makuta shown have sufferend from great changes between their last appearence and this one.
    • Antroz's wings look like they were burned.
    • Chirox lost a fang.
    • Vamprah's chestplate is broken.
    • Mutran lost his leg.
      • This may have happened due to the explosion caused by Makuta's death.

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