Commander Maxry is the mysterious new ally of the U.S.F. in the upcoming 3rd season of The Secret of Stickman's World. Not too much is known about her, but some of her history will be revealed in the 3rd season. As of right now, her description goes like this: "A Shadowy figure from Stickman's Past, Commander Maxry is always on the spot, helping Stickman and Jewel anyway she can. She claims to know Stickman and Jewel, but there's something more to her past... What could it be?" She uses her shadow sword as a weapon to slice evil, and Stickman took a instant liking to her during the first part of season 3, which Centelia and Eagress were jealous about. Commander Maxry and Jewel haven't been too much best of buds lately. Her appearance is the same as Stickman's main form; a Stickian, but she dons a cape. Her agility is the same as Stickman's agility. However, she still cannot catch up to Stickman. Jewel thinks that she may be hiding something dark. What could it be?

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