When Stickman returns from his 5 year vacation (He's still in his vacation, This is just after Parting Ways episode.), He learns that Captain Robobeard is raiding planets far and wide, and must reunite with his friends once more to take down Robobeard. With new weapons, new friendships old and new, new upgrades, and new forms, Can Stickman win his way and take back the Cartoon Universe? Find out in this all new saga: Dawn of a new Era!

Cast (Major)Edit

Stickman (Star)






Grandmaster Sticksei (Haven't put him in for a while. I thought i might as well put him in more often.)

Carlos Mtz2

Makuta (Main Antagonist)

Captain RoboBeard (Not a villian, actually a good guy, and a friend of Carlos, but he is being possesed)

Cheese Sandwich

Dr. Eggman (Helps out Stickman in one point.)


Cast (Minor)Edit


Geronimo Stilton


Stickman is still on his vacation, However, This is 5 years after the episode: Parting Ways.

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