Dimmed Star
Dimmed Star
Dimmed Star.
Some attributes
First Likes- Stickman, The United Stickman Force, The EoE (Elements of Equinox)
Second Dislikes- Queen Blackhole (after Stickman came to the Equinox Village and explained why he was there), the other villains
Third Living-Equinox Version of Golden Oaks Library, Stickman HQ
Other attributes
Fourth Weapons- Black and White Magic

Dimmed Star is one of the Equinox 6. She's the equinox counterpart of Twilight Sparkle. She was one of the ones who attacked Stickman when he came to the Equinox Village. Stickman later met Dimmed Star in her own home. She wanted to use Stickman as an experiment for Queen Blackhole. Stickman then quickly explained what he was doing before Dimmed Star could make a move. At that point, she snapped back to reality, and realized what was going on. She then proceeded to cry about what had happened to her friends, and also realized that she was doing bad things for Queen Blackhole. When Stickman calmed her down, Dimmed Star said this: "Defeat Queen Blackhole for all of us. Save us all! (This is where The Quest for the Equinox Stone begins :P)" She now fights alongside Stickman to this day, using her black magic for good. Its hinted that Dimmed Star has a crush on Stickman...