Dull Sloth is the equinox counterpart of Rainbow Dash. She lost her wings in an accident, and Dimmed Star gave her artifical wings and rockets and whatnot. She was one of the first to attack Stickman when he came into the Equinox Village. However, unlike Dimmed Star's story of how she snapped back into reality thanks to Stickman, this one's different. Dull Sloth met up with Stickman after he walked around exploring. Dull Sloth realized that Stickman was the intruder. Stickman then quickly explained that he was helping, and Dull Sloth snapped back into reality, realizing what she had done. Now, with Gary the Gadet Guy's help and as well as Stickman's, she can fly again. She now patrols the Stickman HQ, looking for enemies that might threaten the people that helped her realize.