In another dimension... Stishoe (Stickman's Element of Insanity counterpart) decides to go to the Cartoon Universe, Its up to Stickman, Sniper, Jewel, Engineer, Medic, and Twilight to defeat the other elements of Insanity! (Or at least get them to not kill other ponies, that is.)


Stickman (Star)





Twilight Sparkle

Brutalight Sparkcake (Twilight's Element of Insanity counterpart)

Fluttershout (Fluttershy's Element of Insanity counterpart)

Rarifruit (Rarity's EoI Counterpart)

Rainbine (Rainbow Dash's EoI counterpart)

Pinkis Cupcake (Pinkie's EoI counterpart)

Apple Pills (Applejack's EoI counterpart)

Stishoe (Main "Anatagonist" (I put that because Stickman could reform Stishoe as well) ) (Stickman's EoI counterpart)


This is not the first time Stickman and co. enter the EoI universe.

This is the first time the EoI are shown. (Other than the EoI series that TheInvertedShadow made)

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