It's the 4th of July festival, and many people are setting off their fireworks, and so is Stickman and the U.S.F.! But when a Shuto returns for vengance against Stickman, can Jewel wield the Ultimate Blade and take down Stickman's old enemy? Find out in the 4th of july special, Firework Trouble!


Jewel (Main Star)

Stickman (2nd Star)


The rest of the U.S.F.

The villain from the past


This is the first time Jewel has a leading role, and won't be the only time she has a leading role...

The old villian is actually the antagonist ofStickman's Game Jumpers series.

This is one of the two 4th of July specials. With the 2nd being TransFourth of July. However, this special lasts 2 hours, while the other lasts one hour.

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