Following the assault on Goo, Stickman uses Batman's Batship and Benny's SPACESHIP SPACESHIP SPACESHIP to lead an aall on one assault to planet Káámo, but soon after they leave the planet, Stickman finds a warrior crypt, where some of his old friends died, and where an old enemy will rise.


Stickman (Main Protagonist)



The Surviving members of the USF

Galvatron (Main Antagonist)

Stishoe's Ghost (Secondary Antagonist)

Zomblings (Zombie Stromlings)

Terrorcons (Zombie Cybertronians)


  • It is revealed that many of the heroes from past series died, and their bodies are in the crypt.
  • Stishoe will return as a ghost, as revealed in the episode.
  • Batman is the only character who gets a space suit in this episode, although Benny gets an upgrade in his space suit.

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