Defeated, hurt, and nearly killed, Stickman and pals escape the deathly maze, only to find themselves... In the past?! Stickman returns to the past, back there when Queen Blackhole was killed! But it seems that the gang is not the only team in there, the sweeps and Galvatron follow them there! Can Stickman stop Galvatron from changing the past? Will the Stickman from the past encounter the future Stickman? Find out in Five Faces of Darkness Part 3.






Past Stickman

Past U.S.F.


  • Galvatron will bring Queen Blackhole's dead corpse to the future, where he will revive her in an upcoming episode.
  • When Stickman escapes the maze, he finds a rotten purple apple. This may be a reference to the beginning of Scribblenauts Unlimited.

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