Flashbacks of the Past is the main theme song for Stickman's Amazing Adventures. The song is meant to represent the adventures that Stickman and his friends had during the long course of both Stickman's Adventures and Stickman's New Adventures.

The Song Edit

The song opens up to Stickman standing on a cliff of an unknown planet (To be revealed). He looks out at the purple sky and desert dunes. Jewel and Skye walk into view holding their Keyblades. Then Stickman summons a art weapon and heads downwards with Jewel and Skye, and then they summon their Sky Zoomers. Flashbacks of Stickman's Adventures and Stickman's New Adventures appear as they zoom across the sky. The intros for the characters show up afterwards. They then blast off into space as the song ends and the logo appears.

Lyrics (Please do not edit without permission! Edit

Stickman: The time has come to give it all, no backing down, time to have a ball. The new adventures are about to start, It's time to play the cards! We have traveled across the world, and now it's time to explore! What the future holds in store for us, It's time to see for all! This is the amazing adventures, that Stickman has for you! The excitement, The thrill, the romance, the chill, All of it is here! This is Stickman's Amazing Adventures! (End)

Trivia Edit

  • The unknown art weapon hints that there will be another wedding in this series.
  • This is the main theme song for Stickman's Amazing Adventures.
  • The unknown planet that is shown during the song will be revealed soon.

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