Fluttershout is the Elements of Insanity counterpart of Fluttershy. She has the power to yell a loud yell that'll deafen you or blast you away. When Stickman went into the Elements of Insanity's lair, Fluttershout was the first one to attack Stickman. Stickman retaliated, and bested Fluttershout with his Sonic Scream technique. Stickman then told Fluttershout that he was there to help the EoI take back their world from Stishoe. Once he said that, Fluttershout snapped back to reality, and realized what was going on. She then decided to join forces with Stickman and the U.S.F., along with Brutalight. She's a little bit scared of Spiderlock, but she's fine with being around her.

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