The Glue Shooter is Stickman's 3rd ranged Art Weapon, and the 5th art weapon overall. The Glue Shooter had a Blue design for the shooter, now it has a golden design with the U.S.F. symbol on it. The Glue Shooter allows Stickman to shoot many different types of bullets, no matter what the bullet may be. It also allows Stickman to use an ability from the Iron Whip weapon, and can even seperate into two Glue Shooters for maximum damage. The Glue Shooter was based off of the Mii Gunner's gun from Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS.

Abilities Edit

Lunar Launch - Allows Stickman to launch way up high and shoot from above. Based off of the move of the same name from the Mii Gunner.

Lock n' Load - Allows Stickman to seperate the Glue Shooter into two Glue Shooters for more damage.

Glue Whip - As a substitute ability from the Iron Whip, this move allows Stickman to use a whip-like bullet to put enemies in their place.

Master Ability: Final Blast- As a ultimate move, this move allows Stickman to fire many bullets at one or many enemies, regardless of range. As a finisher, Stickman launches a huge nuke, destroying and wiping anything in it's blast radius (Except for the ground, of course.).

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