Guntz Namco x Capcom 10
Some attributes
First Kind- wolf
Second Gender- Male
Third Home-Lunatea
Other attributes
Fourth friends- Dogkid1,Flashwing,Klonoa,Spyro.
Fifth Related to- Dogkid1


Guntz, also known as Gantz outside Japan and Europe, is a dog-like character from the Klonoa series who made his first appearance in Klonoa 2: Dream Champ Tournament. He is a legendary bounty hunter with a very short temper, and he is somewhat aggressive and arrogant. Guntz is sometimes referred to as The Golden Killer, or the Golden Death. He uses a variety of guns and fire arms to attack, and he often travels in a red hover-bike, called Red Clan. During one of his travels, he met Dogkid. They became best friends.

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