Its Stickman's Birthday, and Stickman has a whole ton of events planned for the week! But when an unexpected turn arrives, Can Stickman, the U.S.F., Pinkie, and Cheese Sandwich save the day and have the best Birthday week party ever? Find out in Happy Birthaversary, Stickman!


Stickman (Star)

Pinkie Pie

Cheese Sandwich

U.S.F. (Members who are showing up in this episode are as followed: Jewel, Celestia, SMG4, Scratch, Discord, Phantom R)

The Unknown Party Crasher (Will be revealed as this event gets near) (Anatagonist) (Hint: He's one of Stickman's old enemies (ITS NOT MAKUTA.))


This is the second birthday event that stickman has.

Yet another show up by "Weird Al" Yankovic.

Not only does this party crasher have quite the skills, but he was one of stickman's enemies from the original Stickman's Adventures. Can you guess who?

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