When Stickman and Friends go to the kapi spookout, Stickman and his friends discover the same haunted house that was a kirby trap survived. But there are more spooks this time... Special guest; Kirby


Stickman (Star)




The rest of the United Stickman Force

Kirby (Special Guest)

King DeeDeeDee


Evil Sonic

Evil Sonictrons

Makuta (Mentioned)

Xxxxxx Xxx?

Unknown White Faced "Humanoid"

Differences from Scare Tactics (A Kirby Right back at cha'! episode)Edit

There's more scares this time. (Example, a blood sea)

Stickman and his friends finally discover whats at the end of the endless spiral.

Stickman and his friends go into more rooms.

Evil Sonic was the one who revived the kirby trap. Its a Stickman Trap this time.

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