He's Stickman! Is the new theme song for Stickman's New Adventures. It plays from The Secret of Stickman's World-Present.

Lyrics (Please do NOT edit!) Edit

(Musical Interlude)

Here he comes, He's the one! The one to save us all!

He's Stickman! The legendary hero, He's the one to save us all from evil!

He battles aliens, Stromlings, and more!

He's Stickman! The Legendary Hero! He always fights right to the end!

Accompanied by his sister, He cannot be beat!

He's Stickman! The Legendary Hero!

He's the one that evil fears! No one can stop Stickman!

He's Stickman! And these are his new adventures!

(Guitar Solo) He's Stickman!


Trivia Edit

  • This song features the 5 main Stickman's New Adventures characters; Stickman, Jewel, Des, Pinky, and Smg4.
  • It plays from The Secret of Stickman's World onward.

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