Leopard Seal
First Appearance
Ice Corruption
Latest Appearance
Last Flight to Equestria (Stickman's Amazing Adventures), The Video Game as well
The tactical backpack Gary gave her, Cold Point (Her Keyblade, Coming soon!)
Member of the U.S.F.

Hunter is a young leopard seal, first appearing in the episode Ice Corruption in season 4 of Stickman's Amazing Adventure's premiere. Stickman and Hunter are great friends, her being one of the main 4.

History Edit

Appearing first in Nickelodeon's Penguins of Madagascar TV show, Hunter has been with her father ever since Private and his teammates left her. However, just recently, in Ice Corruption, She joined the U.S.F. in hopes of saving her home, and others in need. She has been in replacement for Skye in the recent 10 episodes after Ice Corruption, but after that, has been in the main 3 (Now the main 4), going on crazy adventures with Stickman, Jewel, and Skye. She has also read all of Stickman's journal entries, so she's pretty much caught up.

Relationships Edit

Stickman and Hunter Edit

These 2 are best friends. They have been in the U.S.F. ever since Ice Corruption (Of course, Stickman's the founder of the U.S.F., but whatcha gunna do?)

"Hunter is the best asset to our team that we've ever had. She's going to do great things one day." - Stickman near the end of Hunting the Hunter.

Jewel and Hunter Edit

Ever since Hunter joined the U.S.F., Jewel has been on watch of Hunter, since Hunter is a Leopard Seal, and Stickman is part penguin, and, yeah. As Season 4 progresses, Jewel actually becomes more and more friendly to Hunter, even to the point of her actually being best buddies.

Skye and Hunter Edit

Skye has been very grateful that Hunter has been filling in for her, so they're instantly best buds. Stickman introduced Hunter to her near the end of Ice Corruption, and told her that she was going to be Skye's replacement until she is done tending to her puppies (After 10 episodes.) Skye, although a little bit hesitant at first, agreed to let her fill in her shoes until she got better.

Trivia Edit

  • Hunter actually gains her Keyblade halfway through Season 4, and after she gains the keyblade, she uses it and the tactical backpack gary gave her (Called, as you guessed, S.E.A.L.) in battle.
  • She also appears in Stickman's Amazing Adventures: The Video Game as a playable character in all 3 modes, with her own storyline in Story Mode.
  • SPOILER, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! Unknown to all of the U.S.F. (Including Stickman himself), Hunter actually has the Hero's Ink inside of her as well.

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