The Imagination Blade is Stickman's main source of power, and his main weapon. Stickman uses the Imagination Blade to vanquish many foes, and it is the final upgrade of the Pencil Sword. The Blade part has a galaxy-like design, while the handle is golden, and has a slot for the Master Power Gem. Only Stickman, Jewel, and Skye can wield the Imagination Blade, but only Stickman and Jewel can harness it's powers. Skye cannot harness the powers of the Imagination Blade just yet.

Abilities Edit

Quick Switch - Allows Stickman to switch to any of the other art weapons without having to draw the symbol of the said art weapon.

Imagination Nova - A very powerful move that allows Stickman to harness his endless imagination and unleash it in a big repulse or a big slice. (Basically, an upgrade to Stickman's Repulse ability.)

Alicorn Magic - An upgrade to Friendship Blast, this move allows Stickman to harness the 4 alicorns's magic and unleash it on many foes. Unlike Friendship Blast, Alicorn Magic stays within the Blade after it is used once.

Time Slice - As a Time-Splitting move, this move allows Stickman to control the flow of time on a certain enemy, or a crowd of enemies, and unleashes a mighty blow. This also allows Stickman to speed up the flow of time, slow down the flow of time, or even stop time itself. Much like his Time Form.

Friendship Blast - As a very powerful move (Next to Imagination Nova, which is STILL the most powerful move), This move allows Stickman to harness the Mane 6's powerful friendship to unleash on many foes. This is a one-stick move, so Stickman has to use it wisely.

Hero's Wind - As a wind-y move, This move allows Stickman to either blow his enemies away, or suck them up in a ball and blasts them away.

Evil's Bane - As a light-based move, This move allows Stickman to light up both arms with powerful light magic, and can use martial arts to wipe out any foe with just one chop.

Drill Spin - Allows Stickman to charge up a powerful spin that allows him to either burrow through the earth (Or cloud, or water, whichever surface Stickman is standing on) or summon a drill that he can spin himself into many foes.

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