The Green Ninja

Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon, son of Sensei Garmadon, is a character from the Stickman Series, He first appears in episode "Name's Lloyd", where he finds Stickman, and fights him, "foolish-ly" (as Stickman said) thinking Stickman was some kind of Alien, he later saves Stickman from being shot by using Light Spinjitzu, he later reappears and saves Stickman from Defero's flying tank, and later in the same episode, Stickman asks him to join the United Stickman Force.


Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon, son of Sensei Garmadon and Misako, was born in the realm of Ninjago, he is the First Spinjitzu Master's grandson. He grew up in a school for bad boys, but was "suspended for 365 days times infinite" (as their teachers "kindly" said), he later tried to conquer Jamanakai Village's.... candy shops by unleashing the Serpentine, but his plan turned out to be a complete failure, he later joined the Ninja and later became the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master, and he fought Makuta (who was known as the Overlord) only for Makuta  to return in a new, Digital Form.

He later met Stickman, and, after some... misunderstandings, he joined the United Stickman force in the LEGO saga, and he, along with the United Stickman Force, are struggling to defeat the Dark Legacy's forces on the LEGO Universe.

He is set to reappear in Summer 2014, along with the rest of the four Ninjas: Kai, Cole, Jay, and Zane.


  • Lloyd is shown to be the strongest character in the series (excluding Mata Nui, since he is stronger, but he is the creator of the Cartoon Universe, which makes it unfair to compare any character with a "god".)
    • He almost killed Stickman, the only reason he did not was because Stickman explained that he meant no harm and he was in fact fighting for the same reason Lloyd was fighting.
    • He almost killed Carlos Mtz2, the last of the Mythrans, and the only Mythran-Masterbuilder alive, Carlos was able to flee, but greatly injured.
    • He saved Stickman and his friends from a giant pure Maelstrom meteor (or as Emmet called it, a Maelsteor) by simply kicking it to the space, something Stickman could have done, but unlike Stickman, Lloyd did not change form to do it, while Stickman needed to change form to do it.
  • Lloyd seems to be somewhat a rival to Defero.
  • Even as a grown up, he enjoys eating candy.
  • While Lloyd is way stronger than Stickman, he lost against Stishoe once (He defeated Stishoe the second time they fought though), but Stickman defeated Stishoe millions of times, this questions some fans about Lloyd's strenght.
    • It was revealed that Stishoe was infused with Dark Energon (Makuta's Fossilised blood, also known as Maelstrom) and that made Lloyd's powers and strenght decrease.

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