Stickman's oldest foe; The Darkitect, has returned for revenge against Stickman and the U.S.F.! Can Stickman pull it together, wield both the Ultimate Blade AND the new keyblade of his? Find out in this movie you'll never forget!


Stickman (Star)





Baron Typhoonus (Just for a cameo. He'll return in the Stickman's New Adventures series later with all new artwork and whatnot.)

The Darkitect (Antagonist of the movie)

The rest of the U.S.F.


It is indeed true. The Darkitect, Stickman's oldest foe, has indeed returned for revenge on Stickman and the U.S.F. Mostly Stickman. However, this time, he doesn't control Baron Typhoonus. It'll explain why in the film.

Zon makes yet another return, and this time for good. She has all new artwork, including new armour. She also has her own keyblade that will be explained about in the film's Stickman's After Show.

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