Makuta succesfully re-creates the Nexusverse into his own twisted image, and destroys the Ohkamaverse forever. Now Stickman has failed on his mission of being a hero, and is blamed by his former friends, who say this would have never happened if he did not take too many vacations. Now Stickman, alone, will avenge both worlds, and destroy Makuta-Nui once and for all.


Stickman (Protagonist)

Defero (Secondary Protagnist)

Tren Krom


Makuta-Nui (Main Antagonist)

The Stromlings


Spider Boss

Spider Queen

Sir Fangar


Pythor P. Chumsworth


  • Stickman unlocked his new and most powerful form, the Omega form.
  • Tren Krom makes a debut appearence in the episode, making him the second great being to appear in the series (With the first one being Ekimu).
  • Nui-Rama and a few Rahi beasts join Stickman in his fight against Makuta-Nui.
  • All of Stickman's friends abandon Stickman in the episode.

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