The Mask of Control
"The Mask of Control, the mighty mask that can control anything or anyone. itt can not only manipulate a being or object, but if used with enough energy, it can even manipulate gravity, time and space themselves..." -Turaga Vakama to Stickman
Some attributes
First Can control anything.
Second One of the two masks that can allow the user to manipulate time.
Third Forged with protodermis and maelstrom.
Other attributes

The Mask of Control is a powerful Kanohi capable of manipulating anything or anyone. It can also be used to manipulate time and space themselves, but it can only be done if the user has enough toa energy.


Makuta (Before becoming the Dark Lord), the creator and wearer of the Mask of Control.


The Mask of Control and it's Dark alternate counterpart, the Mask of Manipulation.

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