Mata Nui/Ekimu
"Unity, duty, and destiny, those are the three virtues..." -Ekimu
Some attributes
First Creator of the multiverse
Second Masks: Mask of Creation, Mask of Life.
Third Can manipulate time and space itself.
Other attributes

Mata Nui, also known as Ekimu, is the creator of the Cartoon Universe, including everything in it, like the LEGO Universe, the eternal ink, all the Planets, or even Stickman himself, he is considered the Cartoon Universe version of the Life Giver/Creation Lord, but he is never referred to as that because of religious motives.



"I am Mata Nui!"- Mata Nui in the LEGO saga.

In the time, before time, two eggs appeared, in the middle of nothing, one of them hatched into the Godly being known as Mata Nui, the Greatest and Mightiest Hero, even way stronger than Stickman himself, while the other hatched into the Dark Lord known as Makuta Teridax, the Ultimate Darkness, and the reason of why violence, evil, hate, and everything bad exists on both Universes, Mata Nui, was the Ultimate Light, and strongest character, each formed the core of their own separate world, in a separate dimension to keep balance... Mata Nui created the Cartoon Universe, a world of Imagination, creation, and a place with no limits, where everything was possible, while Makuta created a different world, one with creatures that instead of evolving, they are always looking for devices or technology to self-destruct themselves... Makuta created a world of chaos, in the "Real Universe", both Mata Nui and Makuta's true body was put in an eternal stasis (or frozen forever), in their own dimension; One in the cartoon Universe... One not, each forming the core of their own separate world, Mata Nui forming Crux Prime, and Makuta forming a world, in the real Universe.... Earth.

Mata Nui has appeared in many different ways through the entire series and


Ekimu and Makuta, agreeing that no mask shall ever contain more than one elemental power.


Mata Nui in his endless sleep.


The Battle between Brothers.

sagas, he is said to make another appearance, with a physical body, in the LEGO saga. He will also make a returning appearence as Ekimu in 2015.


Mata Nui, in his true form, forming the entire Cartoon Universe (Cybertron can be seen in the picture, along with Bara Magna).


  • Mata Nui created the entire cartoon Universe, and everything in it, including Cybertron, the LEGO Universe, Stickman himself, and many other realms and characters.
    • For that reason, he is considered the "god" of the cartoon universe
  • He is the strongest character in the series, he was shown to be able to stop the entire Makuta Armada by simple doing a "clap clap" (as Benny referred to it) in the LEGO saga.
  • In the Stickman's Last Stand saga, Mata Nui has been comfirmed to appear and give Stickman the Golden Toa Armour, the one used by Toa Tahu millions of years ago.
  • Mata Nui's true body is the size of seven suns together, Makuta's body is the same height too, Stickman can not be that high.
  • Mata Nui can create anything whitout needing to get special energy.

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