The Music Meister, the villain of the episode: 'Mayhem of the Music Meister!' in Batman: Brave and the Bold, is now the "Antagonist" of the upcoming 3rd season of The Secret of Stickman's World. Stickman and Jewel must defeat Music Meister as Phantom S and Flying Samba to drown out his hypnotic "Musical Belt". He wants to take over Stickman's World so he can have Stickman's riches. So now its up to Stickman, Jewel, and the U.S.F. to take back Stickman's World from the Music Meister.

Trivia Edit

  • He was originally going to be one of the villains in the original Stickman's Adventures series.
  • As stated in the description for Music Meister, he was the villain of the Batman: Brave and the Bold episode: 'Mayhem of the Music Meister!'.

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