When a new villain named Meistro Misetro appears and steals all the Musical Magic, its up to Phantom S, Flying Samba, Ghostly Conductor, and Phantom R to deal with this musical menace! But can the Rhythm Thief Force do it? Find out in the magical musical movie; Music of Hope!

Cast Edit

Phantom S (Star)

Flying Samba (2nd Star)

Ghostly Conductor (3rd Star)

Phantom R (4th Star)

Meistro Miestro (The Musical villain)

Trivia Edit

Meistro Miestro is a singer that can hypnotize anyone into doing his bidding. He can also conduct pieces of destruction that'll tear a world in half! Don't mess with this guy unless your the Rhythm Thief Force!

9 new songs conducted by the team behind the musical scenes of the Stickman Series are played here. They are: Music of Hope, The Encouraging March, The Ballad of Forgivness, The March to Victory, This is the True Life, Nocturne of the Brave, Orchestra of the Wind, and more! Take a listen to these songs! They're sung by Stickman and Jewel!

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