MyWorld is a sector in Stickman's World exclusive to Stickman's Amazing Adventures: The Video Game, as it only appears in the game. Players can access MyWorld through the Futureopolis Teleporter Station. Players can come here to create their own "Sector" to play around in. The player can place enemies, items from sectors, and even bosses that they've faced to re-face again in here. The player can create unlimited amounts of MyWorld "Sectors" without any limit. The player can also place locations that are in the Sky Boxes of each sector as they player sees throughout each level. At the start, the player is limited to only a few items, but as the player progresses in both Story and RPG Mode, they gain more and more items to use. The player can also unlock items to use in Freestyle Mode. The player is outfitted with the weapons that character their playing has, and the item to build stuff in MyWorld; The Imagination Builder. As the player also progresses in the Story Mode and RPG Mode, Story Missions and Herbert Missions start to appear in their MyWorld, where you can take them on yourself without all the hassle.

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