Negageddon is a 5 part event where it begins after Without a Sword. It involves a catastrophic event where Nega Stickbot Alpha takes over all of the cartoon universe, and the U.S.F. form the U.S.F.A., which is called United Stickman Force Alliance. The main antagonist of this big event is none other than Nega Stickbot Alpha, and the protagonists of this event is the main 3 (Stickman, Jewel, and Skye, but I think you all know that by now.)

Episodes Edit

  • Without a Sword (The episode's last scene is where it all starts.)
  • Negageddon Part 1: The Beginning
  • Negageddon Part 2: Clash of the Swords
  • Negageddon Part 3: The Big Meteor
  • Negageddon Part 4: Take Back the World
  • Negageddon Part 5: The Aftermath

Trivia Edit

  • This relates to the Disney Series's Gravity Falls's finale event: Weirdmageddon.
  • (SPOILER, READ THIS PART AT YOUR OWN RISK!) At the end of Negageddon Part 4: Take Back the World, Stickman finally discovers a new charge ability of the draw abilities.
  • (ALSO A SPOILER, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!) Nega Stickbot Alpha doesn't die at all after this big event.
  • This big event marks the 4th time the villains team up with the U.S.F. to become the U.S.F.A.
  • This marks the first episode to have all the cast have a major role.
  • After Negageddon Part 1: The Beginning, the theme song (Flashbacks of the Past) changes to match the theme of Negageddon.

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