The Nexusverse, also known as the Prime timeline, is the universe where most of the events in the Stickman series take place. It is a combination of many worlds like the LEGO Universe, Transformers Universe, RIO universe, Pac-Verse and many more.


The Nexusverse was created by Mata Nui and the Great Beings, it was created to be a place filled with imagination, but Mata Nui's "brother" Makuta Teridax poisoned it with hate, jealousy and destruction. Mata Nui was sent to an endless sleep by Teridax and thus, the Universe lost it's balance.

The Universe was filled with creations and ideas of people from a distant world, but it was also filled with destruction from the people of the same world. One day, the five Kanohi were created, and thus, the five Nexus Legends were born.

The first Kanohi mask created the Imagination Nexus. The second Kanohi gave life to the eternal ink, and thus, the Stickman. The third one created the mythrans, powerful beings with the power of creation and destruction. The fourth one created the elements needed to balance the universe. The fifth one was the incarnation of darkness, the deepest and blackest of shadows, known as Makuta Teridax. The five legends were absolutely necessary for the balance of the universe. If one was destroyed, the universe would fall to pieces.

The Nexusverse is also known as the Prime Timeline, since all the divergent timelines come from this one. In other words, if the Nexusverse and the timelines were a tree, the Nexusverse would be the trunk of the tree, and the alternate dimensions would be the branches, part of a tree who have decided to take a different path after growing with the tree.

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