The Ohkamaverse is the opposite and equal of the Nexusverse. It is a universe where things can either be the same or be completely different.


The Ohkamaverse was created by Mata Nui, or "Ekimu", as the people of the Ohkamaverse call him. It was created as an escape route, a "clone" of the Nexusverse, in case the Nexusverse was destroyed. But the beings of the Ohkamaverse grew smarter, and decided to either continue their roles, or change completely.

Years later, the Ohkamaverse Stickman realized he was a clone: Imperfect, not original... Fake. He then decided to show the Ohkamaverse he was no clone, the Nexusverse Stickman was the clone, he then joined forces with Makuta Teridax, or Makuta, as called in the Ohkamaverse. Since Makuta, just like his brother, was a multiversal being, he did not belong to a particular universe, but to all of them.

The new Stickman now called himself Sticklord, and became one of the Ohkamaverse's most powerful and destructive Warlords. He created the Stick Empire, an empire where he could rule anything. He became the Ohkamaverse's Toa Ohkama's main arch-nemesis.

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