The Phantom S Keyblade is Stickman's Keyblade. He gained it in Stickman and the Rhythm Thief in the original Stickman's Adventures. This Keyblade is necessary to transform into Phantom S, and can only be used by Stickman (Or Jewel and Skye in critical situations where Stickman cannot use it (For example, in the newest episode: The Nobody that Never Was.)). The blade's design is a bunch of notes (Much like the Counterpoint design in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance), while the keychain is basically a note with Phantom S's fedora on it, signifying Phantom S. It's opposite; The Stickman Keyblade, is used to transform Phantom S back into Stickman. It is also used as Phantom S's main method of attacking other than the Rhythm Cane. The Stickman Keyblade is basically all the versions of the Imagination Blade as the blade, and the U.S.F. symbol as the keychain. The Phantom S Keyblade's core ability is the famous All Together move. It also has different core moves when used with different partners.

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