There are rules on the Stickman wiki.


  • No discrimination against religion, sex, or race.
  • Don't add a new episode unless given permission.
  • Don't add pornography and 18+ content.
  • Don't use offensive language, but minor swears such as damn, crap, crud, piss, and arse are allowed.


  • As said above, no offensive language, but minor swears are allowed.
    • If you purposely spell a swear in a weird way so it won't be censored by the system, that counts as a swear and you will be kicked.
  • Don't link to "phishing" sites, or nonsense websites that might crash people's computers.
  • Don't link pornography websites and pictures.
  • Don't discriminate anyone.
  • Don't make 18+ roleplays or any with a lot of gore and offensive content. These should only take places in Private Messages with users that are OK with this content.
  • Try to keep flooding and spamming at a minimum.

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