Put the Puzzle Back Together is the last episode of the Lost Biography Saga. It is where Stickman, Jewel, and the U.S.F. have gathered all of the Lost Biography pages, and must use R.W.S.'s Time Portal in order to restore the Lost Biography back to its former state. It is also the beginning of the Relaxer's Paradise Mystery saga. (The Pre-beginning at least, not the actual first episode.)

Cast Edit

Major roles Edit

Stickman (Star)

Jewel (Co-Star)

Royal Wedding Stickman


Nigel (Of course, the antagonist of the episode.)



Des the Espeon

Minor roles Edit

The rest of the U.S.F.

Plot Edit

Act I: The Path Revealed Edit

The Episode starts out with Stickman and Jewel in the Archives of History Wist. They now have all of the Lost Biography pages, and now they don't know what to do with them. Royal Wedding Stickman then comes in, and randomly brings out his Time Watch, and holds it close to the pages. The pages then start glowing, as well as the Time Watch. They then realize that they have to go back in time in order to restore the Lost Biography. They then gather the U.S.F. agents, and the 3 meet them at the newest sector: The Time Lord's Time Lab.

Act II: Flinging through Time Edit

After the theme song plays, all of the U.S.F. meet up at the Time Lord's Time Lab. Stickman then tells them about what to do next for the Lost Biography. He tells them that they must go back in time to the correct dates of the pages in order to restore them. Spotlight then gets confused about this, but Smg4 tells her that everything's going to be ok. The first page has already been restored, leading them to the first time clue; "The beginning of it all", to which, is referring to The First Love. They then head through the time portal, and end up in Rio De Janeiro, where The First Love took place.

Act III: Where's the page leading us to now? Edit

In Rio De Janeiro, they split up, looking for where the page leads them to. They eventually find a time rip, and the page in the Lost Biography glows, meaning they found where they need to go. They head through the time rip, hoping to fix the rip in the timeline. (More soon!)

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