Stickman, Jewel and Smg4, Antroz, Skopio and Typhonus are still trapped inside the Jungle and now they must enter the Jungle King's race to win the Omega Stone and return to the Ohkamaverse... But this won't be a clean race, because the King's beasts are also entering the race! And everyone knows that a Rahi beast is stronger than any Stickian... Will the heroes win the race? Or at least, will they survive it?





Stick-Striker (A sentient vehicle created by Stickman, Jewel and Smg4)

Makuta Antroz

Colonel Typhonus

Skopio V.2

Shadow Crusher (A sentient vehicle created by Antroz, Skopio and Typhonus)

Rahi beasts

Jungle King (Main Antagonist)


  • When the heroes created the Stick-Striker, the king gave it a Nexus Spark, this means the Jungle King is a mythran or he had a close contact with the Imagination Nexus in the Nexusverse.

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