Following the unexpected defeat after fighting the Skull Spiders, Stickman must find the Toa, the most legendary heroes of the universe, so they can unite forces and defeat this new threat! But, they are not alone; the Stone Army has returned and they are after the Toa as well to use their parts to build stronger war machines. Will Stickman get there in time? Or will the Toa become scrap metal?


Stickman Force








Des the Espeon

Skull Spiders

Jungle Spider

Land Spider

Shadow Spider

Electro Spider

Stone Army

General Kozu

Stone Warriors

Stone Scouts

Stone Ninjas

Stone Samurai


  • There is a new type of Stone warrior in the Stone army: The Stone Ninja.
  • It is unknown where does the Stickman force rest after the destruction of their HQ
  • The Stone Army returns in this episode, but they seem to have new weapons, including what seems to be a Dragon Cannon.

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