When Stickman, Shurow and the United Stickman Force recieve a desperate cry for help in the Cyber Track Zone, Its up to Stickman and Shurow to save the day! But the whole script gets flipped when Peno and Kaos arrive! Can the 2 friends bring back Cyber Track Zone, or will Cyber Track Zone be lost to Peno and Kaos forever?


Stickman (Star)

Shurow (2nd Star)





The rest of the United Stickman Force


First time to have Stickman go in alone with one of his fellow buddies.

This is the 2nd part of Shurow's test.

After the 2 get back from Cyber Track Zone, the portal is added to the Portal Zone in Stickman HQ, meaning that it will stay there permenatly for Stickman and others to travel through.

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