It's the future. The great wars are over, and Stickman and pals are having fun at the Intergalactic Olympic Games, but they do not know that a new evil is awakening, for Megatron, the feared leader of the evil Decepticons has returned, and thanks to the power of Unicron he has become the evil and power crazed Galvatron, who seeks to obtain the power orbs, can Stickman reunite the gang and defeat Galvatron before it is too late?


Stickman (1st Protagonist)

Jewel (2nd Protagonist)



Blashwing (Flashwing and Bash's son)


Megatron/Galvatron (Main Antagonist)

Makuta (As Unicron)

The Quintessons



  • This is the first time a character from the Transformers appears in the series
    • However, Makuta is also Unicron, which makes him the first one.
  • The Maelstrom has been extinguished, according to the Quintessons.

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