Some attributes
First also known as- Cole
Second Friends- Kai,Zane,lloyd,Jay,Marcus,Dogkid
Third Member of- the stickman force
Other attributes
Fourth Related to-The First spinjitzu Master
Fifth Likes-Bacon and Killing evil guys


Rhysw (aka Cole) is a member of the Stickman Force.He has the power of Earth and his been on lots of adventures with Stickman.


  • Kai:

Kai is Rhysw's best friend.He is his favourite member of his team.

  • Jay:

Rhysw finds Jay annoying sometimes but the two of them are like brothers.

  • Zane:

Zane and Rhysw dont talk that much but they are friends.

  • Lloyd:

Rhysw is sometimes a bit worried when Lloyd is around because bad things happen when he is around.

  • Sensei Wu:

Rhysw loves Sensei Wu because Sensei Wu is his mentor.

  • Dareth

Rhysw finds Dareth annoying and doesn't like him that much.

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